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Irelands Greatest Garden Group – January Outing

Under immene pressure [water joke in there somewhere], it seems the garden groupees are simply dying to get back into the great outdoors…. me too.


And so I have a plan… somewhere. It’s late as I write this…  and I have to ask others politely. But I have a date – booking by comments only. unsure of anything ? leave a comment. All updates will happen at this blog post.


  • Date: Sunday January 30th
  • Where: Skerries Mills, Skerries, Co. Dublin
  • Time: 11.45 am on location. Outside the front door.
  • Details: I just spoke to Paddy from Skerries Mills who will give a personal guided tour to the group. This is expected to take about 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Numbers: limited to 20 [can be extended if I give enough notice]
  • Cost: €5 is the best price I could get. Well, well worth it.
  • Other: I wrote this post on The Skerries Mills some years ago. Looking forward to returning. What the flip has this got to do with the great outdoors and gardening ? I recommend you read the garden group guide. And then read on….

In 2008 I wrote this about Skerries Mills:

From how the 55 acres surrounding the mills came into the councils hands, how spontaneous combustion evolved from static and flour and why the life expectancy for those [lucky enough to get a job there?] was only 40 years of age… is amongst the many facts that make the journey extremely enjoyable. Outside of that ‘The Mills’ are self sufficent, financially. That is, they have to break even. And they do, now.

That aside, my other interest was/ is that we ‘are’ going back to the days of water conservation, wind power and home-made; gave me an insight into how ‘not so far away’ we are from those days of old returning.

New To The Garden Group:

Again, I recommend you read the garden group guide. There have been three previous outings, 2 of which were to Irelands Eye and the war memorial park. Nice feature in the Mail On Sunday also.

Please Note:

As always, if you are thinking of coming along the rules basic principles of logic courtesies as always apply. They are of course very simple.

  • If your name is not on the list [left via comment] – you can’t go. No offence. That said…
  • If you need to drop out – that’s fine but please do so as soon as is possible rather than simply not turn up at all – you not showing on the day may just stop someone else from going. This isn’t to sound in anyway rude it’s very simply because….
  • I don’t get paid nor receive any gratuities for this.
  • If numbers are going over put your name down on the waiting list and give me a call. We’ll fix something for you. Because…
  • The quota is most likely not decided by me. But then this isn’t the national concert hall.
  • Do enjoy yourself :)

Got a suggestion… thoughts or comments below

Garden Group-ees:

  • Booking: via comment here only
  • Contact me: see below. not a problem ;)
  • Dress Code: advised to wear suitable footwear and clothing. A lot more to this than just windmills and some of the walks are on grass and obviously up some tight winding stairs.
  • Duration: 3 hours should see you well – if you are time restricted. Skerries is a beautiful town however. I might stay on a bit longer.
  • Weather: the weather…. your guess is as good as mine.
  • Lunch: I had suggested bringing a picnic. That’s what I will be doing anyway. All things going good it’ll be a flask of coffee and some nice sambos! There is a coffee shop there that does nice lunches but – I’m told we can sit upstairs in the gallery and you can bring your coffee/ lunch up.
  • Anything else: leave a comment below or gimme a call.

Getting There:

If you are travelling from Dublin city or further afield by car and you have room and you wish to note it in your comments that you have room please do… nothing worse than 2 getting the bus from the same spot and two driving in a car at the same time…. you get my drift.  Anyhow….

By public transport:
Suburban train heading north from Dublin stations Connolly, Tara and Pearse take the Drogheda line stopping at Skerries. The route for Pedestrians from the train station to Skerries Mills is signposted and is an approximate 5 minute walk.
Bus no. 33 from Lower Abbey Street in Dublin City Centre, via Swords, Lusk and Rush. Alight at the ‘Holmpatrick Church’ stop and walk 2 minutes into the Town Park via Miller’s Lane.
By private vehicle:
Skerries is signposted off the MI motorway via Balbriggan from the north or via Lusk on the R127 from the south. The Town Park incorporating the mills is located at the southern end of Skerries. Follow the brown heritage signs for Skerries Mills. Ample free parking is available.

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