Happy 10th Birthday Donegan Landscaping

On January 3rd 2001 I borrowed the tools for my first job and began creating my first garden under the name of Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd.

I had just returned from Scotland and had rented the front room of the house from were I slept and worked. I was still, by 2 or 3 months, 24 years of age. Not the prettiest start, maybe, but I had to start somewhere….

A friend designed a logo and made me one t-shirt and one fleece jacket. Some headed paper and business cards were made. At the time I borrowed a friends fax line number so ‘I looked more professional’. I also used my folks home address. I bought a second hand computer [that couldn’t work the internet] and printer for IR£80 and I was, put in extremely simple terms, in business.

I don’t have many images from that or the early years. Digital cameras weren’t out then. I did find this promo flyer that was done in that year and this image from January 2004 is the earliest I know of not on a photo negative.

I was trying to think of some firsts/ milestones for this post… 10 years is a long time. These are the few that immediately come to mind….

  • My first garden was created for Mary Stephenson in Howth Co. Dublin. Mary recently helped me organise The garden Groups trip to Irelands Eye.
  • The first award I was nominated for was the best new business award in 2001 by The Fingal Chamber of Commerce.
  • The first article printed about Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd was in March 2004 in the Irish Entrepreneur Magazine entitled ‘Getting Dirty’. It hangs in my bathroom to this day.
  • October 23rd 2004 my first article for The Farmers Journal was published were I continued to write regularly for about 4 years.

But then there’s also some nice reading that tells the story well on the home and about pages.

These words that I have used for many years probably summise what I want to say quite well. Here’s to another 10 years. Thank you.

Whilst I flicked through my diary and realised just how much I actually had done… it should be noted that none of this would make any sense without someone to share the stories, the laughter and equally the tears with. I am forever greatful to the so many great friends and people I have met along this years road. From my heart, thank you.

Did I enjoy it? Every second. Don’t get me wrong… no road is an easy an easy one especially when I work in an industry that is so weather dependant and I am self employed. That is not a complaint…. more an additional reason to appreciate the people who stand tall by my side when times are a little tougher. You were there too when we laugh our socks off.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh. Thank you again, everyone, for everything.


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  1. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    i almost had a telex number at one point 😉
    thank you! being honest, that snow session has made me more eager than ever to get back out into it

    more than you realise, very much appreciated my friend.


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