December 2011 – A Gardeners Month In Photographs

I take a lot of photos. Most just while I’m out and about. Some in a garden, some not. Some I just found intrigued me. Rather than simply delete them, I felt I should do something with them. As a btw I’ve tried to keep repeats and sets of images already used in the blog out.

Most Popular Video of 2011

peter donegan garden

My favourite video[s] of 2011 was a choice of two. First, the night I recorded the planet of Saturn on my iPhone4. The photographs and added audio are well worth a look by the way.

The second, the beauty of Inis Mór from the air.

That said, the most popular video recorded and viewed within the year 2011 is my Growing lettuce from seed video. According to youtube it has 2,393 views [correct as of 28/12/11].

That however was well beaten by my Apple Tree Problems video recorded in 2009 with 5,069 views this year. As you can see my video editing skills at the time were amazing in hindsight not great, but once again, proof that content is king.

Personally I pay zero interest to stats. But for those who want to know – here’s what youtube say.

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Most Popular Audio for 2011

peter donegan

I’ll start first with the piece of audio that is one of my favourites. Surprisingly, although one of the shortest it took the longest from an editing perspective. The audio itself was used for a talk I did on podcasting at a conference in Tallaght Stadium in June 2011.

This Gardeners Year In Audio (mp3)

The most popular piece of audio for 2011 however is my interview with Anne O’Hara of Mornington House.

According to audioboo stats [only] it has 1,705 listens making it more popular than my audio with Jack Charlton. The audio quality isn’t the greatest in parts as it was almost the first time for me to use skype recording. That said, I loved doing this interview and if content is king, then it’s popularity is solely because of Anne.

Anne O”Hara – Mornington House (mp3)

The most popular SodShow is show no.1 from March 4th.

The Sodshow 103.2 Dublin City Fm 4th March 2011 (mp3)

Most usually found in iTunes ‘whats hot’ section in pole position – today [28/12/11] it was at no.2

The SodShow garden podcast iTunes

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About The SodShow:

The SodShow, Dublin City’s Garden Radio Show with landscape gardener Peter Donegan and armchair gardener Brian Greene airs on Dublin City FM Friday’s at 3PM.

Join Peter & Brian for an alternative view of all things outdoors with studio guests, field recordings, educational talks in a fun and unique garden radio style. With tools, plants & garden work for the week and trip to Dublin’s famous and well hidden parks & gardens the SodShow is fast growing to be a permanent fixture on Dublin’s radio dial since its launch in March 2011.

The SodShow is quite unique in that it started life as a popular podcast crossing over to live radio due to its growing demand.

Forget those Botanical Latin names (the presenters do as a rule) and roll up your sleeves. From gardening with a window box in an apartment to camping at oxegen, from chitting potatoes to making elderflower champagne you get it all on Dublin’s zaniest radio show.

The Sodshow is podcasted, blogged, streamed and live tweeted to the world via its internet site:

the sodshow

Donegan Landscaping. A Gardener Looks Back On 2011

I did do a review of the gardeners year for 2010. But it’s onwards and upward and whilst we head into 2012… here’s a look back on the last 12 months of 2011.

*If I missed or forgot something or someone – just hollar and I will ammend as soon as. In this review I try to include the bits that are not garden making….. if you get what I mean


  • January saw me hit the Irish Times Innovation with note for my online endeavours whilst the years first outing took the Garden Group to Skerries Mills
  • February saw the garden podcast interview some gardening greats like Frank Foley and Anne O’Hara whilst you donated around €650 in 24 hours so I could go to Inis Mór. Legends

sodshow gardening television ireland

  • March saw The SodCast my solo garden podcast evolve to radio as alongside Brian Greene The SodShow was born on the airwaves of Dublin City FM. Still talking gardens, alongside Fingal Libraries I began a series of garden talks with some of Fingal’s Schools.
  • In April I ran a half marathon on the island of Inis Mór whilst that month saw my ugly mug beautiful face grace the gardening slot and the screens of RTE’s Four Live

donegan hedgerow walk garden demonstration dublin

caroline duke, natasha duffy, peter donegan @ spirit of folk hedgerow walk

peter donegan

peter donegan garden speaker  wild camping gelert donegan wicklow

Whilst I flicked through my diary and realised just how much I actually had done outside of making and creating gardens… it should be noted that none of this would make any sense without someone to share the stories, the laughter and equally the tears with. I am forever greatful to the so many great friends and people I have met along this years road. From my heart, thank you.

Did I enjoy it? Every second. Don’t get me wrong… no road is an easy one especially when I work in an industry that is so weather dependant and I am self employed. That is not a complaint…. more an additional reason to appreciate the people who stand tall by my side when times are a little tougher. You were there too when we laugh our socks off.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh. Nollaig Shona duit agus na hathbhliana. Slán agus beannacht.

Thank you, again, for everything.


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Happy Christmas And Thank You For Being In My 2011

Nollaig Shona duit agus na hathbhliana. Go raibh míle maith agaibh.


Christmas Landscaping Peter Donegan