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Last week, after giving some garden advice on a previous Sodcast a coffee mug came in the post with some badges, all logo’d up. A note of thanks was attached. It was from John Keyes. Of course I put up a post on the blog to say to say thanks to John.

What happened then was two comments came in on the blog along with a minor plethora of emails, texts and calls wondering if I had anymore Sodcast coffee mugs. Of course I didn’t. Under mild duress, I rang John and asked him his thoughts.

I’ve never sold merchandise before. It wasn’t the intention when I started this garden podcast. I don’t personally think I’m gonna make a gizillion dollars on Sodcast coffee mug sales commission. That said, I’d like to think it’s more than just me that drinks from my sodcast mug when I record the podcast…. or in your case, while you’re listening to the podcast 😉

Anyhow…. for now I’ve only put up the products you see here. Why these products ? Well, I thought the clock looked nice, I’d like a matching mug and I think that the t-shirt is cool. They’re simply what I’ll buy myself for myself, for now. Visit The Sodcast Shop

I know the shop is UK based, but I don’t know any Irish company that provides a similar service. [?] That said The Podcast, the costs and equipment are all paid for out of my own pocket – for which I am as always more than happy to do – I guess the answer is if you’d like a Sodcast coffee mug – you can buy one should you wish to do so. Personally, I’d like to keep a list of all those who own a mug, sounds a bit silly maybe… but sure there ye go 😉

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