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The Sodshow Garden Podcast – every Friday – in iTunes, all good podcast stores.


The Sodcast – Welcome to the loudest gardening podcast in the world…

A Podcast Is:

The term “podcasting” was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in The Guardian newspaper in a February 2004 article, along with other proposed names for the new medium. It is a portmanteau of the words “pod”— from the name of Apple‘s portable media player, iPod—and “broadcasting“. The name may be misleading, as despite the etymology it has never been necessary to use an iPod, or, indeed, any other form of portable media player, to use podcasts; the content can be accessed using any computer that can play media files. Use of the term “podcast” predates the addition of native support for podcasting to the iPod, or to Apple’s iTunes software. To avoid a term suggestive of “iPod”, some use the term netcast instead of podcast, such as the podcaster Leo Laporte. A backronym has been posited where podcast stands for “personal on demand broadcast”.

The Sodcast is:

A 20 minute audio production released every Thursday and can be downloaded via iTunes or listened to directly on the garden blog post where it is also published every Thursday. It is also Irelands first garden podcast. I describe it as:

Your weekly mix of discussion and interest for all things garden, horticulture, landscaping and the great outdoors from Ireland and abroad.

Take a look at the reviews on iTunes that you have given the podcast so far…. agree/disagree ? You can  subscribe/ listen to the podcast in iTunes. Alternatively, subscribe to the blog and listen to them right here. All previous sodcasts are found in the Podcast category on this weblog.

The Sodcast timeline:

  • May 13th 2010: The podcast began recording. It was initially just 5 minutes long
  • August 5th 2010: With no identity as such, the Sodcast became the name when, via twitter I asked people for their suggestions for the podcast.  The honours for this naming go to @faduda and Tommie Lehane. There were 12 other podcast name suggestions.
  • August 5th 2010: The sodcast logo was designed by [no relation] Luke Donegan.
  • August 12th  2010: Brian Greene composed the sodcasts intro jingle – thus giving the tagline welcome to the loudest gardening podcast in the world, the sodcast….
  • July 29th 2010: I was a key speaker at the DotConf on the subject of podcasting alongside Bernie Goldbach [tech lecturer] and Mark Rock [CEO of audioboo]
  • September 9th: Nominated for the Best Independent Podcast at the Irish Web Awards
  • September 30th 2010: The first of three regular podcast guests are introduced to the Sodcast. They include: Shawna Coronado writer, speaker and gardener from the USA, Jane Powers writer and gardener from Dublin and Pat Fitzgerald plant grower and inventor from Kilkenny Ireland.
  • October 7th 2010 – Repak Recycling became the sodcasts first sponsor, when for the month of October they sponsored the podcast for their annual recycling promotional campaign.


Interesting Statistics:

New Media Update Podcasting News – wrote an article called Podcast Fans Are The Ultimate Audience For Advertisers – I took the main bullet points out of it just to give you an idea of the reach[?] that podcasting actually has.

  • Podcast fans are significantly more affluent than general population.
  • Podcast fans are rapidly turning away from traditional media and “interruption” advertising models.
  • 37% of video podcast users and 31% of audio podcast users say they *enjoy* advertising in podcasts. By comparison, only 6% say same of TV and radio.
  • Podcasts confer on their advertisers and sponsors a “halo effect; podcast fans give props to the advertiser for sponsoring a show they like.
  • Over 70% of active podcast listeners are receptive to sponsorship messages in podcasts.

*Thanks to Roseanne Smith for this link

  • One in five active podcast consumers are actively interested in host-read sponsorship messages. Survey respondents believe that podcast hosts/creators are actual users of the goods and services of their sponsors.
  • Nearly 4/5 of the survey interviewees listen to podcasts every week, but are not as reachable by other “regular” mass media.
  • Podcast fans say it is not just important to be able to “time-shift” their podcast and other media consumption; nearly equally important is the ability to get unique shows [not available outside of podcast medium].
  • 90% of those surveyed prefer advertising supported shows vs. ad-free paid subscriptions.
  • 3/4 of the respondents use iTunes to find and subscribe and 66% have been listening/watching podcasts for 2 years or more

Why I Began To Podcast:

Whilst I am an [ir]regular guest talking gardening on Dublin radio, It was a suggestion from Bernie Goldbach that introduced me to Mark Rock and audioboo that kicked it all off. Through conversation and further then research, I realised that there is little or no gardening / outdoors related [anything] on Irish radio, apart from Radio 1 [RTE], that I am aware. It’s not that I can’t get a gig doing radio, more there are none to get. Bear in mind also there is only one garden magazine in Ireland and no trade magazine. This is at the very least a step in the right direction.

It is done for free, at present in my spare time and simply another addition to the weblog and the promotion of Irish horticulture. Also a bit like why I write this weblog, I’m a good yapper and I love gardening, it was simply a case of finding the right avenue.

Sponsoring Irelands First & Only Garden Podcast:

Now you know what podcasting is and how it all works for me. If you have any queries or questions, would like to get involved or sponsor the podcast…. you might even wish to offer listeners prizes [?], works a bit like normal radio, except this isn’t live 😉

If something comes to your mind…. you can contact me in the following ways:

What is usually recommended for sponors:

a] 15-second top and tail ie. 30 seconds in total, 15 seconds at the beginning and end of each podcast. The intro andd outro can be written and pre recorded so it is the same every week or you can use pre-recorded content as provided by you the sponsor.

b] your 15 seconds can be dropped in during the podcast in between conversation and discussion with a specific range of time.

Personally, I’m open to suggestion…..


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  1. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Hi Jason,

    at the moment the sodcast mugs and swag are by very special order…. via Mr John Keyes. To be honest I didnt think anyone else one want some Sodcast paraphernalia 😉 I must have a word with him.

    let me look into it….


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