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According to the Dublin City Council’s website:

Located in the centre of Mountjoy Square, once Dublin’s premier Georgian area, and comprising 1.8 hectares, this park was originally created by the Developer of the Square, Luke Gardiner, Lord Mountjoy around 1800, as part of his grand concept which envisaged the great sweep of Gardiner Street down to the Custom House.

While the Square was upgraded in the late 1980’s, its full potential as a Georgian Park must await the relocation of the existing all-weather sports area currently under active consideration by the City Council.

Funny thing is, I don’t know where the pitch or the people who use it would/ could go if the all weather pitch was relocated, that is assuming the park is for the people. That said, I would also like to see it returned to its original concept. But then that’s all very good for me to say. Either or I like the park, although there are bits of it I simply just didn’t get. That said I was happy to be there and enjoyed my stroll. Sincerely.

I didn’t like the fact that the gates weren’t open on all sides and the Dublin Bikes Scheme stand was empty. The pottery around some of the trees baffled me but then that was balanced by some new planting and what appears to be a corner of the park for leaf mulch. The play ground was being used when I was there. The more junior nippers were in one area whilst the not so juniors were in the one next to it. The people were friendly and as tourists watched with maps from outside one Mom explained to me how the electronic dance game worked with a quick Mother Daughter demonstration.

I liked the rambling paths. The sculpt in the middle made me walk up to it… but I’ve no idea what it represents. Sometimes it’s better that way. I liked the piles of raked leaves and wanted to kick them everywhere…. the trees were all pruned and crown raised above head height so one could see everywhere from anywhere in the park. I saw wallflowers freshly planted and the hedges nicely cut screened the football area.

The park does need some extra added attention in no specific area and it seems, at this moment there’s a bit of everything there, which is good, but aesthetically it doesn’t do it justice. That said, I’d be quite proud to have this park on my doorstep.

Wikipedia gives some really interesting facts on Mountjoy Square

Mountjoy Square (Irish: Cearnóg Mhuinseo), one of five Georgian squares in Dublin, Ireland, lies on the north side of the city just under a kilometre from the River Liffey. Planned and developed in the late 18th century by the second Luke Gardiner, then Viscount Mountjoy, the square is surrounded on all sides by individual terraced, red-brick Georgian houses. Construction began in the early 1790s and the work was completed in 1818

Mountjoy can boast being Dublin’s only true Georgian square, each of its sides being exactly 140 metres in length. While the North, East and West sides each have 18 houses, the South has 19, reflecting some variation in plot sizes. Though each side was originally numbered individually, the houses are now numbered continuously clockwise from no. 1 in the north-west corner. While its North and South sides are continuous from corner to corner, the East and West sides are in three terraces, interrupted by two side streets, Grenville Street and Gardiner Place to the West and Fitzgibbon and North Great Charles Street to the East. Gardiner Street passes through the West side of the square, while Belvidere Place and Gardiner Lane run off the North- and South-East corners.

Although some of the original buildings fell to ruin over the 20th century, replicas have been built in their place, so the square still maintains its consistent Georgian façade.

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5 replies
  1. bernadette manning
    bernadette manning says:

    The ugly, hard core football pitch is virtually unused -people play football on the grassmostly. The basketball court is well used though and shoulfd not be lost in any refurb. There is a day nursery in a prefab building and the junkies and drinkers drink right beside it in sight of the toddlers. Dublin bus uses the space outside the nursery to dump buses not in use. they do not provide a bus service to thesquare,merelydump on it (illegally).

  2. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    Hi Bernadette,

    Although I have passed the park so many times, I can only really comment honestly on the day and time I actually spent there.

    Re the grass, I used to get upset over walking tracks through the lawn… now I take it as a compliment as I know its being used. It goes on the maintenance schedule or it comes up under the minor ammendements category.
    That said, maybe when the weather is really bad/ land is saturated, it gets used more ?
    Its nice to know the basketball court is used.
    I didnt see any unsocial behaviour on my visit so I cant fairly comment – but a similar comment was left on the St Aoedhans Park blog post which may prove useful.
    Although I didnt see any Dublin Buses, I did see coaches and I wasn’t a fan of the amount of them parked all along one side of the park, I felt it took away a little of the openess and also some of that georgian feel.
    Still, Bernadette I have to say I did enjoy my time there. I will nonetheless pass this onto Dublin City Council to see if I can get an answer to the parks future and also its present.

    Best wishes for now and thanks for commenting

  3. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    A Chara Berrnadette,

    Today I received a reply from Sean Redmond, the Executive Parks Superintendent for Dublin City Council. I emailed him last week. His reply goes as follows

    Hi Peter,
    Thanks for that. I will pass the link on to my colleague on the north side of the city centre- Mark Jones. I’m sure he will be interested in the comments.

    From my dealings to date Séan has been a really nice guy and true to his word, when he says he can – he will and does. Lets see how this fares and as soon as I have news it will be posted here.

    Happy Thursday and best wishes

    ps: I must say I do like the Mountjoy Square Society website 😉

  4. bernadette manning
    bernadette manning says:

    Thanks for your interest peter, and your support. You should see the park today-it is magic. This park is really a community park – a number of people (myself included) have dogs and we walk them morning and evening – we are getting to know each other quite well and this is generating a friendly, family oriented atmosphere. If you ever find yourself in the Park at 8.30am and 5.50 pm I am the one with the golden lab.

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