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from 2008…. plastic hedges

and there’s more plastic hedges where that came from. But I prefer the real trees

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I love this quote [Via @Carolaik @InvasiveNotes and @aquatic_habitat]

Suburbia is where the developer bulldozes out the trees, then names the streets after them.”~Bill Vaughn

Courtesy of @Graham_Rice and Jane Powers: Britain changes mind about banning all cotoneasters & all crocosmias as invasive. Details on the Transatlantic Plantsman

The lovely @OrlaMcDermott asks:

@DoneganGardens quick Q! Got a lovely pressie of tulips from Amsterdam! When to plant?

Also from @carolaik – A Green roof come to life have some candidates [?] attending the Culchie Festival @ Leitrim October 22-24. There’s also a great gig called Are You Afraid of the Farm? Well worth checking out! Think I’d rather the Culchie festival somehow

I’ll explain this one in the podcast:


And Finally:

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It’s a bank holiday weekend in Ireland. I’ve got some hedging to trim and tidy. This one below is hawthorn. I’m not its biggest fan, only because of its thorns… but it so well worth it for what it does for nature and wildlife. The garden is about more than just me. I might just give them a little slow release fertiliser. I hope I make to a park as well.


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