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Irish Garden Plant Society – Dublin Annual Plant Sale


It took place Sunday 10th October in Our lady of Delours Church Glasnevin, starting at 11am. I’d got the nod about this from Jane Powers – as was announced in the gardening podcast.

I got there a little after 12 and as Jane had rightly predicted, the scrum, it seemed had already taken place. In plant numbers, the place had been ransacked 😉

Whilst I may jest, it was a great plant sale and a great morning. And yes this is what I enjoy doing on my days off. They say it’s the people that make a place. My gardening knowledge held tightly in my back pocket, I proceeded through as your average Joe punter….

Me: How much for the daffs….?

Man: They’re one fifty each….

Me: How many for a fiver….?

Man: I’ll give you three bags and you can have 50 cent back…..

Yes it is bulb and tree planting season. A service I provide. I still bought some. That aside, I thought that was my fill of humour until I was offered a Christmas cactus…..

the only time it doesn’t flower is Christmas….

…I was told as the place erupted into laughter.

What was great was the collections there, the oddities, the rarities, the advice that free flowed as discussions continued to be disected and re-evolved. There were those who came prepared as trollies were wheeled out with copious amounts of home grown specialities, whilst others went in search of that something more unique and singular.

I on the other hand, like a woman [no offence to those with only one pair] who can never have too many pairs of shoes bought plants and books that I already have more than enough of and didn’t need 😉 that said, I was more than happy to take my new babies home.

There is something heart warming and non-governmental about a coloured pricing scheme and a €2 entry fee. Something amazing and great. The work, as I know it is all voluntary, free gratis and where people grow plants becuase its fun and it creates discussion and there’s a story that lies in every one of those plants.

I saw Chestnut trees growing in lemonade bottles – why not I thought. The leaves were yellowing, as they should be. But I know this wouldn’t make a saleable plant in a commercial operation.

Personally me, for the first time in over 16 years I am no longer a member of any horticultural related body or association. Mainly because, in short, I needed to get back to basics. Peter the gardener, garden lover, plant grower or tree hugger as some may call it. I think I may just be changing my status in the member of regard.

Membership is €30. Family membership is €42

Fancy some gardening, as it was intended….? Just send them an email

ADDRESS: The Honorary Secretary,
IGPS, c/o the National Botanic Gardens,
Dublin 9, Ireland

What they say…..

Sadly some of our garden plants have been lost from cultivation – due to changes in fashion or difficulties in propagation on a commercial scale. It was in recognition of our horticultural heritage that the Irish Garden Plant Society was founded in 1981 in order to research, locate and propagate such plants so that future generations may continue to enjoy them in years to come.

In closing I suppose some may say, it’s the above writing that’d put them off joining. Others say it’s the stigma attached that they’ll feel out of place due to being a different era of gardener. My thoughts for what they are worth…. I remember giving a talk some time ago on 17th century landscaping and design. I noted that it was easier than 18th century landscaping…. by 100 years. Call it what you may, but plants are simply just plants, to me.


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