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Introducing Pat Fitzgerald

I’ve known the nursery man that is Pat Fitzgerald for sometime now and I’ve worked with him on many projects.


To be honest, work aside, we get on well. You might even say I admire what he has achieved and from where it started. More than that, he’s a gentleman, a good friend and for podcast reasons, like myself, he’s a gardener by trade and hobby.

Last bank holiday weekend 2009 I spent in Kilkenny and some of that time in Pats company. I did this video in his the myplant nursery.

I also interviewed Pat in June 2010 when he brought 12 new plants to the Irish market. That is some achievement.

Pat had previously worked with me one of my show gardens in Smithfield.

Pat is the third guest for the sodcast, the garden podcast.

Pat will be a regular contributor on the Podcast and you can tune in this Thursday to hear my first conversation with him. Details of how to are at the top of this weblog post. You can also visit the sodcast – podcast page on iTunes

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