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Now into episode 8 of The Sodcast, I thought it a good time to test the water with something a little different.

I bounced it around with others of the podcasting fraternity on maybe bringing some guests in and whilst the response was very much 50:50, there really is only one way to find out…..

Introducing Shawna Coronado

I called Shawna yesterday to see how she was getting on and more importantly to give you a little taste of just what you can expect to hear on Thursdays Sodcast. Take a listen…

Why A Guest and why Shawna…?


I rang Shawna, a person I had interviewed twice before for the blog, admittedly the first time it was audio-less but with whom, both of us will agree, that between us the conversation seems to us, to flow relatively easy.  The video below explains that maybe a little better….

I’m not to sure how well this will work and so and as always I will base that factor upon your responses on the iTunes Sodcast page. Maybe, that’s not the route some would take, but so far so good and 20 ratings and 15 comments later – 90% are 5 star ratings and the comments are very encouraging….

The guests will vary from week to week and will return again, for now and to start with, a nice round of applause for Shawna.

Visit the sodcast podcast page on iTunes – leave a comment and let me know what you think and I’ll talk to you next Thursday 😉

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