The Sodcast – Episode 8

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First Up:


Had a facsimile this week [?!!] asking for my online contact details….. no I’m not making it up. [hello Denis and Mary 🙂 ] See below.

On a seperate note…. For all the reasons of self promotion [it is my weblog after all… 😉 ] – yes I do do small gardens makeovers, overhauls and changes to the existing small, medium or large gardens – in fact anything to do with gardens – I am your man. If you are in need of that extra bit of [green outdoors derived] smile to your day – you can of course contact me on:

On The Blog This Week:

Images for The Podcast:

This Weeks Oddities:

And Finally:

I told you…. 😀

And this courtesy of Mark Little. Amazing image of Dublin …


This Sodcast comes to you with very special thanks to South Tipperary Biodiversity Forum – making Tipperary a great place-to-bee 😉

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  1. marguerite
    marguerite says:

    Ha! The bit with J Charlton was wonderful. Also, just to hear about the biodiversity forum of Tiperary. Well, anyhow, thanks for a lovely time. Never liked red hop pokers myself. Will keep an eye out for the yellow. Right now, sort of in love with toad lilies.

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