I personally have found that most gardeners tend to, as individuals, opt for Facebook as a way to promote themselves. Either that or/ and Linkedin. For me, personal is personal and rarely the twain shall [if ever] meet.

Recently I was at the launch of

Hesitant to sign myself up to just another website – for me, worky operates a bit like Linkedin – but with a big difference. This interview with Ray Nolan proves very worthwhile….

It’s Irish born and bred. Which is good. More than that it’s the brain child of gentleman by the name of Ray Nolan. A quick buck with a dot com, you may say ? Ray’s previous venture hostelworld sold for around [some reports say] €320 million and go on from there… I’m not interested in Ray as an individual, as such. I was impressed that he was a nice guy…. but essentially, I know this is a long term project that will work. More than that, it was worthwhile me signing up for.

Thee big difference between that and other similar sites…. easy, it doesn’t feel like an instruction manual for a dishwasher. What you get out of it….? Well I guess that’s up to you. Still, the horticultural market is just that and if this gets me one new contact and from that one new job…. I’ll be sending Ray a card saying thanks.

For those in horticultural college – do yourself a favour and get yourself a little attention before you need your career to take off. They certainly didn’t have this kind of thing in my day 😉

If you go there I’m at

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  1. David Quaid
    David Quaid says:

    I really agree about Facebook – which is why I dont have a business page on there either – its quite a lot to ask people to become a fan of you, often without ever having worked with you. 🙂

    Nice post – I’ll take a look at Worky too

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