Go Raibh Míle Maith Agaibh

I am a really lucky fortunate guy. I have great friends. I know some really kind people. Really kind.

Now and again it’s important to say thanks. Put simply, that is all this post is……

Sunday just gone, afternoon, sitting at my kitchen table having coffee were Bernie Goldbach and his family, all the way from Cashel Co Tipperary – Bernie had come to Dublin to set me up with some new audio recording equipment; Phil Murtagh was there too – setting up my laptop that he got me out of bed to go and help me choose and buy [sunday rules apply here – hello Michael!]. Also there, for no apparent reason was George Foxe. I must make really good coffee.;)

The night before Luke Donegan [no relation] sent me this logo [see left] to spruce up my twitter page. No apparent reason. Luke has previously designed the #sodcast iTunes logo and the garden group logo’s. Watch this space. I hope he remebers me wants his garden done when he’s rich and famous 😛

Two days previous at around 9.30pm Krishna De spoke with me on Skype, just chatting about things I should and could do. krishna is a genius in her field [be dum] and to have that chat – money simply couldn’t buy it. She also has one of the best smiles I have ever seen 😀 Some time ago, Krishna gave me a lift. From Limerick.

This morning I spoke to Gordon Murray. Another tech genius. Another gentleman. He lives in Cork. The fact that the internet is not a garden helps a lot knowing that my computer and his garden have amazing similarities. He owes me a pint. It’s my notebook 😆

Take Brian Greeene and the sodcast intro jingle. Mark Rock of audioboo who I shall see shortly in London. Gentleman. Also Kevin Coleman of Back Page Football, Davy Mac Donald previously for my website header – Adrian McMahon and years [literally] of advice. Anthony McGuinness, Darren Byrne…. the list is literally endless. All in some form or other have been there for me and usually when I needed it the most.

Thanks also to Eoin kennedy, David and Daryll for Friday, it was an honour to be in your company. I think golf clubs would be a really bad investment. Thanks also to the lads at Simply Zesty for the lovely cup of tea 😉

There a long list of names I should have here, I know that. If I’ve left you out…. I know you know it’s not intentional….. Please do hollar and I’ll sneak it in. It wouldn’t be the same without you. I know also that in those above and so many more are simply great friends who I have laughed, possibly cried and smiled after with.

If you ever have the honour to work with any of those mentioned above, tell them I said thanks, again.

Go raibh míle maith agaibh.

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  1. David McDonald
    David McDonald says:

    You’re most welcome ~ thanks for the mention (& link) again.
    I do love the good Karma that spreads around the Web when you help decent folks out on occasion. 😉


  2. David Kerr
    David Kerr says:

    Hey Peter, thanks for a great stroll around Kildare on Friday – your enthusiasm is infectious to say the least! Best of luck with the sodcast, & I’m sure we’ll have a scoop in the not too distant future! cheers.

  3. Eoin Kennedy
    Eoin Kennedy says:

    You are welcome. Darrell venture into the swamp to retrieve Daves ball lead to a weekend on antibiotics so who said golf was a passive sport. Your weekend sounds busier than most peoples weekdays!

  4. John Keyes
    John Keyes says:

    Fair play Peter. So many people neglect to say thanks nowadays.

    I was at a show with my daughter (nearly 4 years old) last Sunday, and we moved to let people past us. After they had passed she asked (out loud) “Why did those people not say thanks?” I replied “Nice people always say thanks” to which she responded “Thanks” and accompanied it with a big smirk.

    Thanks for all your help and niceness Peter.

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