John Keyes Has [Apple Tree] Problems

If you don’t know John Keyes…. you should. One of lifes really nice guys. More than that he always mostly [ 😉 ] says hello, goodbye and thank you. I like that. I like John because of that.

Last week John sent me this video. He has had some problems…

I have had apple tree problems before myself. I understood the dilemma John was in. I rang John and got some more information, as you can see from my technical notes


And in response I made John this video. It was just too much to do in writing and verbally with images was better in this case I felt. That said I could do with a professional camera man. That aside, a problem solved for Johnny 😀

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  1. John Keyes
    John Keyes says:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the video, very informative. I’m with you on not using chemicals. I refuse to even use weed killers on the patio which drives some people crazy 🙂

    I let the grass grow long around my trees too. I like to give the frogs some cover.

    There’s a lot more light getting in to the trees now. I don’t want to butcher the hedgerow though, as it provides good cover for some of the wildlife around here.

    I called into my neighbour the other day and they’ve a good crop on their trees so it’s as you say my trees are just being trees.

    I might plant a couple of new trees alright. When is the best time to do that? When is the best time to do the pruning too?

    Thanks again Peter, ya ledge-bag 🙂

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