The Sodcast – Episode 2

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First Up:

This week the sodcast podcast was accepted by iTunes. Find the sodcast on iTunes here. If you like it please pop over and give it a vote and/ or a nice comment. It would sincerely, be really appreciated.

When Brian Greene caught the news, he very kindly recorded the brand spanking new intro jingle. I love it. It makes me smile. Thanks Brian. I really appreciate it.


Also there’s a massive thanks due to Ronan Hunt-Murphy for the re-writing of the home and about pages on the donegan landscaping website. Really appreciated Ronan. Thank you.

This week on the garden blog:

Photographs For The Podcast – In The Garden This Week:

I did this post some time ago on the corkscrew hazel

There are still places available on the grow your own garden course taking place next weekend, Saturday 21st August. To book a place – simply email

You are the reason I do what I do:

This was posted on Bernie Goldbachs weblog. I left a comment there – but told him I’d answer the rest of it here on the sodcast podcast. Take a browse at Bernie’s garden situation…. see if it rings a bell ?

I posted this link as a comment on his blog regarding the lawn. The rest is in the podcast 😉

This weeks oddities:

Ever Been To:


My good buddy @mushypea007 took this picture. It’s was taken at 8.45pm tuesday night from the end of Howth Pier in North Dublin. I swore it was a postcard. It’s not. 😉 Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

And finally :

from the puck fair courtesy of Susan. Pure golden once the music starts.

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