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There’s an odd little spot in my garden, right beside my washing line area and at the back of my shed/ chicken house. I felt it needed something a little…. to brighten the place up.

Hanging baskets seemed like a good idea, but then they may pose problems with wet compost and such dripping on the clothes.

That aside, you may remember I hung some hanging basket brackets recently. The brackets themselves can cost up to €20 each. There were three of them and by the time you buy the raw plugs, screws and drill the holes it can take a few more shillings to complete the task. That of course before you buy the baskets.

I got these from my next door neighbour who bought some newer ones. The uprights are 2 old tree stakes and a little bit of old timber going across the top. The screw hooks may have cost [say] 20 cent each. After that I gave it a lick of some old blue paint I had in the shed. Total cost 60 cents.

I then planted some herbs in them that I had grown myself. At least if they are going to interfere with the clothes it’ll only be by scent.

Great for small gardens and particularly if you are stuck for a little space.

If you have all the materials/ tools you need this wee job may take about an hour.

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