Hanging The Hanging Basket Brackets

It may well be a little late in the year for this one but, you may just thank me for it at a later date. The reality is I know of more than 3 who still have them brackets sitting in the shed, the plastic bag [still] and one who hid them in the boot of the car in the pretence that he ‘cannot find them’.

Step 1: make sure the drill battery is recharged. Or you have an extension lead at he ready. Also make sure you have a philips head screw bit/ screwdriver. Flat head screws are not advisable.

Step 2: You will need masonary drill bit number 6. Hardware store. Go!

Step 3: You’re back…. mark the points on the wall were you wish to hang them. Get Mary to take a look and agree in writing that that really is where she wants them. Use a pencil and ensure that they are level and straight. You do not want excess holes in your external walls. Remember the measure twice and cut once rule.

Step 4: drill the holes….. make sure they are exaactly were you want them….. I made the external of the hole slightly wider in this case for good reason….

Step 5: Tap in your raw plugs. Make sure to use a block of timber to do this so you don’t damage the wall.

Step 6: Line up the brackets and screw them in.

Tip: whatever screws you got in the pack – bin them and buy the most expensive brass ones possible. See the difference between the one on the right and left in the first image below.

Step 7: don’t forget the baskets 😉

Note: You don’t need any special drill for this. A spirit level and a measuring tape are advisable.


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  1. alison
    alison says:

    Yes, I’m guilty of that too. You forgot ‘Make sure you don’t put the brackets on the wall upside down’!!!
    ;-)Or was that intentional?

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