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what do you think….?

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Peter Donegan: award winning Irish gardener. Horticulturalist. Blogger. Writer. Talker. Human. Makes gardens.

Either or. Will always be happy and happy gardening 😀


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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    You need a bottle of elderflower champers using the best of elderflowers plucked a month ago from the trees just a few yards down the road from you.

    Just discovered there is a variety of pink elderflower off a very attractive black limbed elder tree. Makes pink champagne.

    1 gallon of water, 1 lemon quartered and sliced. 1 kg of sugar – 10 heads of elderflower – leave for 1 week. Seal in glass bottle with serious good corks (grolsche beer bottles are the one you need). 3-4 week later….enjoy. Very explosive fizz – so do not open indoors.

    What else can we make booze from?

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