Garden Gallery

There are many gardens I have created and designed over the last, more than 10 years now. These are just some of the images that may help in giving you an idea of just what kind of possibilities exist with your great outdoors.

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  1. James Keleher
    James Keleher says:

    Cool regarding that water deck 🙂

    I visited the John Greenleaf Whitter birthplace and another historical house with a garden yesterday, can have a look if you like, they are cow photos 😉


    Do chara,


  2. Sean Gallagher
    Sean Gallagher says:

    Really,really good.I hate symmetry in anything be it buildings or gardens and yours really catch the eye.No bullshit ,really good.A garden needs to have loads to catch keep you interested and those pictures show that. Love the chunky bench and seat. All good.And its good to see you get down and dirty yourself-always a good sign. Sean

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