Mr Michael Nugent, Senior. Gentleman. Gardener.


In an odd variance of twists and meets… Friday past saw me park my jeep outside my good friends Michaels parents house. I know Michael [jnr] since I was about 19/ 20. Too many is the night I spent in the family home, traditionally on St Stephens Day at a minimum enjoying their company.

Michael Snr [that be Jnr’s Father] is also famed to those who have been in my home as the man who looks after the Guinness keg. Anyhoo…

I made it back about lunchtime. Sheets of corned beef, mashed potato and cabbage, milk, tea and brack later…. I found myself in what I can only describe as a big gardeners playground. I was blown away.

Michael Senior is an avid gardener. A great gardener. We were browsing some photographs of previous endeavours in the horticultural world when I realised he really had taken up all of the lawn so he could fit more plants in and so he didn’t have to mow underneath all the pots. That is the logic.

The conservatory is brimmed with geraniums, as is the top of the freezer, under the benches outside are packed with trays of vegetables….. even the bit of dividing wall between the neighbours house has seeds in trays germinating away. And all crammed ito a garden that is no greater than about 30 metres squared.

If ever one was looking for inspiration and a few free geraniums to take home… one could not do better than beyond the hall door of Michael Snr. Gentleman. Gardener. And great friend.

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