Facebook: You’re [no longer] Dead To Me!

UPDATE: 9th jan 2011

Peter Donegan landscaping Ltd is on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DoneganLandscaping

I wrote this post here to say so. Its called: Peter Donegan landscaping Ltd now on facebook. Notice the title of the post.

The difference – you just won’t find a pic of my granny and a cat I never owned on holidays in Leitrim with me in a pair of shorts tagged on it, this way 😉

the first way it was set up – ie. as Peter Donegan [individual] on FB you may have.

*note: the original title of this post simply read: facebook: you’re dead to me!

To the post as I wrote it at the time, if you wish to read on…..

But I recommend you read this post called facebook fans for gardeners first.


Like the title says…



  • I am a gardener – so were most of the people I knew there.
  • Some were my family. Some were great friends.
  • In order to remain semi sane, never the twain should mix.
  • One was an Italian girlfriend. It lasted 3 weeks. When I was 15. She found me. It didn’t work out then…..
  • I got an average of 10 friend requests/ become a fan of per day. I told you the last time. now I have to tell you every single day.
  • I really only ever did RSS my Blog into it.
  • You never buy me a pint in real life. I don’t want an imaginary one.
  • Working on a virtual farm is not fun for me. I do not want to work on yours either
  • And finally Dermot O’ Niell is neither a vintage car, a fine wine nor dead.

Then I read this by Paul Walsh who has left twitter

One less thing to worry about…. who’s next

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  1. Christine B.
    Christine B. says:

    I have been half-heartedly getting my proverbial toes wet with facebook. Your post sealed the deal: I’m done. Onward with real life.

    Christine in Alaska

  2. Marie
    Marie says:

    Facebook, like Twitter, works for some not for others. You were right to delete your account if it was actually hassling you rather than doing anything useful. I don’t use mine very much anymore aside from inviting people to my birthday and as a handy way of keeping in touch with some friends that I don’t get to meet up with very often – but we usually sent private messages to each other rather than wall posts. I still wouldn’t pull a Walshie and delete my Twitter account though!

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