An Irish Social Media Garden Centre Campaign…?


I got a press release in last week for Irish Garden Centre group Connacht Gold.

Connacht are using /starting to use the social media tools of Facebook and Twitter.

Smart move….? Nothing new there, you may say….? Well it a first for the horticultural sector in Ireland, that I am aware of.

Is this the start of the green sectors online evolution Revolution? The ersten exemplary case to base growth upon…?

Many times regarding the green sector and online media I have mentioned the need for change. The tools maybe are being used, but it’s still done so very badly and that is if it’s done at all. Most I know of won’t blog because it doesn’t make you money etc…

What the Connacht Gold Garden Centre Group are doing online maybe isn’t my choice of style nor how I would do it – ONLINE – but then I’m not 6 garden centres…. 5 of which don’t open on a Sunday 😉

But, they are doing something to embrace….

The promotion is running for 8 weeks in Connacht Gold stores nationwide and each Saturday a “fugitive” will visit a different store. Hints, tips and suggestions will be given out on Facebook and Twitter to give fans clues of where the fugitive is going to be. The first person to decipher the clues and find the fugitive in the stores each Saturday will win €300 cash.

You can find out more information on the promo itself on and The competition will be heavily promoted via Twitter and Facebook and a blog has been set up on to post information about the stores etc.

Have they got the mix right ? Would you do anything different ? Maybe, that’s exactly what’s required to stir it up around Tubbercurry… ?

In case you are wondering…. here’s what the fugitive looks like

he's the one on the left...

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