Down On The Farm


Thursday evening I got a text from a friend of mine and fellow Ballyboughal local Michael….

Calf just born if your around

The one above is just 30 minutes old.

Straight into the jeep and down I went. It is absolutely amazing when one sees those new borns, the size of the mothers and how protective they are.


There was one lamb literally being kept alive under red light. It was rejected by the mother and only wakes for feeding time, the rest of the day it sleeps. It will come good.

The biggest problem the three generation run farm has…. birds of prey that will literally take a lamb from the field in one swoop.


Most of the cattle here are for milking. And whilst I would have been surrounded by this and seen it happen everyday while I was in college, this I find, is a great way for me to keep in touch with what is happening in my neighbouring sector.


This one is approximately 450,000 gallons of slurry….

If ever you wanted a lesson in how Irish law affects Irish farming, a trip to Michael and Joe’s farm is thoroughly recommended.

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