Just Call Me Peter


I have been a member of the Institute of Horticulture since I was about 23 years old. Sounded really good at that age [and in that era] to have Peter Donegan AI Hort [now MI Hort] for a name and title.

But what does MI Hort mean, to you or to me? Is it really doing anything for me? Really? I know there is the point that one only gets out of anything what you put in etc and to an extent I do agree. That said, I did get an email a long time ago asking if I had any suggestions [?] for the association. I replied. But I have never received any acknowledgement of that email.

The Institute of Horticulture is the only organisation that can truly claim to bring together all professionals involved with every aspect and facet of the diverse industry that is horticulture

Maybe the argument, for me, comes down to if I want MI Hort after my name – in exchange for a yearly fee. Maybe it’s just not the organisation for me?

From now on just call me Peter.

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