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I had gone in search of some feedback for the website recently. I felt it needed a few tweeks here and there. Although not via comments, the answers came back in very I didn’t wish to sound like I was insulting you sort of a format.

Outside of the sites text it seemed I was missing some really good high quality photographs of myself.

You are after all the business. You are Peter Donegan. I don’t wanna go searching through a website to see what the man I will do business with looks like….

Fair point. I had some good images, but they were very random…. I rang John Mc Williams. John took this photograph that I’ve been using for some time now. He’s also a good friend. Honest enough to say I like and because. But more than that he is also an extremely talented photographer.

We met on a Sunday. Spent a few hours together. As always with John, it was also time that I enjoyed I should add. We narrowed it down to variations from about 10 images.

The beauty about them is that because the quality of those taken is so high they can become black and white, low to high resolution, head shots or back to colour again at the flick of a button.

Whether it’s for media usage or just for the site…. I have to say to the time spent was a very wise investment on my part. Of course I’m just one of a host of stars Mr McWilliams has had the honour to photograph 😉

Is that Carly Simon I hear playing…. Thanks John 🙂

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  1. David McDonald
    David McDonald says:

    Hi Peter,
    Some good shots there from that session with John. It struck me that the one of you on the steps, bottom left would make a great masthead for your blog, with the logo incorporated. Would be happy to create that for you, if you’re interested let me know.


  2. Shawna Coronado
    Shawna Coronado says:

    LOVE the Masthead idea – simply brilliant. I’ve sent a DM to John begging him for a photo of me when I come in to Dublin in a few weeks. He’s an artist – and you look wonderful.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


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