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garden furniture, all shapes and sizes all costs and types. I’ve seen them all. But if you are landscaping on a budget… or not and you want that seat that will fit right in to the ‘au natural’ look then I’ve got 2 that will save you a few shillings…

I have built these before in gardens – although this one is in my office – and if they are going into moisture ie. soil or grass/ not on a hard surface you will need to concrete the legs in so allow a little more leg length [these measure 15″ long]. Total cost = [inc. 2 sleepers that i got second hand. ie free] FREE

You will need:

  • two railway sleepers [new – smooth bottoms etc versus splinters]
  • some black paint
  • some 6″ nails
  • a strong arm and saw [or a very kind neighbour]
a little more rustic...

a little more rustic...

The second bench is a little more rustic… but I like it. I wont give a list of what you need for this because… well this was made with 2 tree stumps and a lump of timber that a friend of mine wanted to give me to burn in my fire.

Once the stumps are made stable ie they don’t rock back and forth and are ‘spirit level’ level – then you are good to go. Do do this on soil. Do leave the more rustic side out and do paint it very badly. Looks great with a back drop of crataegus [hawthorn]. Cost of bench = Free

Save a tree and make you’re own bench… For everything else there’s mastercard… 😆

* got something funky you’ve done in the garden…. why not let me know here or email me a pic to info [at] doneganlandscaping [dot] com

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