St Valentines Shouldn’t Cost The Earth …?

I got a ghetto blaster for Valentines day……. Look! It’s even got a twin deck record cassette system….  I reeeeaaaally L-O-V-E that gurl….

For me, when I got to about the age of 22, the big splash had been made. I bought her a VHS player…. ja uber romantische!  but that was pre jewelery days and very much in the he said she said ‘if you hurt my friend…‘ best friend speech days…. ah the memories!

If you remember the above bits I’ll assume your birth date is pre Wham! [ala George Michael careless whisper era] and you are thinking of that next thing to do – that, that is getting just that little bit more difficult to conjure up….

As a rule, I never do flowers on Valentines Day. Never. Well I did once. I made the bouquet myself about ten years ago for her and I just got giggled at. Anyhow, gardeners giving flowers,  is a bit like Alex Ferguson giving his wife a DVD of ‘Man Utd’s best goals against Aresnal’. It simply doesn’t feel right.

Jokes aside…. but not really… I like the quirky side. I say quirky. I mean, whatever is the opposite of…

Here ye go love, box of turkish delight there for ye… I’ll see ye after the match yeah…


I have a list in my head of things to do for the day. It may have taken me 0.4 seconds to collate mentally – but that’s just how my brain works in my personal life 😉

And if I see you removing a wheel barrow [red bow wrapped around it] from the rear wind screen of your prized sports car… I’ll know you weren’t paying attention….

To that, I still hand-make the card myself. The last one was from a cornflakes box and covered in matt black card and red ribbon. I then wrote a poem and put that in the middle. A made look old black and white photo went on the front. You’ll have to use your own imagination [and your own photo! ] but it looked really cool. Was a little green and homemade is always better of course …isn’t it?

Second on the list is breakfast in bed. Some fresh coffee  [the grinds of which will go on the mulch heap], poached eggs [taken from the hens that reside out my back garden] and some homemade brown bread. You could always buy some hens as a gift… ? That’d be different 😉


After that it’s on to one of my favourite parks, Newbridge Demesne. This year Valentines Day is on the sunday so a little day trip out will fit perfectly. I like walking this park. I like the tea shop and I love the wee farm that’s out the back. It may not be your nearest park – but I have a list of parks I’ve reviewed here. I may just just bring the picnic and the flask of tea and coffee.

This post isn’t about me making myself look all wonderful and fantastic [even though I may already 🙄 😆 ] It may just however make your Valentines a little more romantic, a bit less commercialised and at the same time a little greener. And wouldn’t that be nice 🙂

I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with planting a tree for someone you love and watching it grow, together. And isn’t that a nice idea ?

Anyhow… from sometime ago here’s that poem I spoke about. For no aparent reason I titled it Balderdash:

Licking stamps eyes closed wide
Holding hands a winters tide
Cealing kisses an envelope torn
And doth returns the summers mourn

Fussy, would he is he can?
Holding hands when all began
Crossing roads an intersect, scorn
And lovers cry together reborn

A smile a glance a passing face
A flowers petals stripped of lace
Warmer softly into began
And tossled sepals a trickle ran

A smile so soft a rushing glow
A lovers charm a pause, you know
Happy, nothing but hands hold warm
And so returns a summers morn

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  1. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    flip – I knew I forgot something 😕 I know I’ll put the tree in the bed that’ll surprise her 😆

    ah no… ‘her indoors’ reads this too ye know and I’ll probably embarass myself 😳

    love it [softie ella]!

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