Brendan Smith, GM Food, Michael Creed and Teagasc


I’m not one for politcians being really honest. I understand politics. I just don’t trust too many of them. But this is one that you may enjoy. Sort of. Because it’s not until you get to the link at bottom of the page and see just how long Brendan Smith Minister, Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food takes to answer with anything of relevance to GM food, the question we all know he is trying his utmost aboility to avoid.

Reminds me of a football team trying to play out the last 10 minutes of a game in the oppositions half, right down by the corner flag… just to get a draw.

It summised quite well in this Michael Creed quote:

That is what makes a mockery of the Parliament.

First this statement from Michael Creeds website:


Govt attempt to gag Teagasc raised in Dáil

Fine Gael Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Spokesperson Michael Creed TD has accused the Govt of refusing to answer questions about a reported reprimand sent to Teagasc on the subject of Ireland’s GM-free policy. Speaking during Dáil Questions today (Wednesday), Deputy Creed has demanded that the Government publish any such letter sent to the State’s agri-food research body.

“The FF/Green Government likes to bang on ad nauseum about the ‘smart’ economy, but reports of this letter suggest it would rather its expert bodies were dumb.

“It appears a letter was sent from the Department of Agriculture criticising Teagasc researchers involved in a study on GM feed. This is a sinister development. What scientific research will the Agriculture Ministry seek to stifle next if it treads on Green toes? Which scientific body will be subjected to a Government gag next if its research happens to undermine the programme for government? The Minister has, in a most disingenuous fashion, refused to answer direct questions from me today when he should undertake to publish this letter in full.

“The study undertaken by Teagasc researchers concerned the impact of a GM feed ban on the Irish pig industry. The results suggest that replacing GM feed with non-GM feed would increase the production cost per pig by between €2.51 and €3.93 and cost the industry up to €13.8 million annually. The conclusion to be drawn is that the Irish pig industry would not survive in the GM-free environment envisaged in the programme for government and foisted upon us by the Greens’ presence at the cabinet table.

“Instead of spending his time writing to criticise the experts at his disposal the Minister would do better to heed the warnings in this study and embrace scientific evidence to avoid the destruction of the pig meat sector.”

And with thanks to the amazing people at Kildare Street it is possible to read the transcripts of what exactly ws said. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and time it on your watch as to how long it actually takes Brendan Smith TD to answer the question… this link:  Brendan Smith Michael Creed debate

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