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It’s kind of unusual when about 9 years ago I first wrote the wording for the first pages of my website. There were pages within pages with links off to one side… Maybe it’s how websites were built at the time…?

In hindsight the writing, for mine, read like some sort of corporate clap trap that made the company sound all grandiose and really when summarised there wasn’t a whole lot of meaning in there at all.

Some time ago I trimmed the website down to 5 pages and most recently I rewrote the home page and the about page.

I had asked for feedback you see… and from those who I knew that would be really honest… they all seemed to refer to the post I wrote some time ago about who Peter Donegan really was.

I have a few other changes in the pipeline…. but next on the list is some professionally taken photographs for the header and for my profile picture…. my first time ever to do so.

In the meantime, if you do have the time… your feedback on my website would be most appreciated.

For the record here’s what it used to sound like….

Established in 2001 Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd is an award winning landscaping, maintenance and garden design company based in Dublin.

Peter Donegan Landscaping Ltd provides professional landscaping, maintenance, design and consultancy services for clients – both domestic and commercial.

From the initial concept to reality and beyond or whether an individual aspect of our services are required, whatever the size of the project, Peter Donegan Landscaping believes in always using trained staff, the finest materials and top quality planting to provide the best result for your garden.

With your space outside our aim is always to give only our very best. Whether it is behind the scenes, in our designs or in the maintenance and landscaping of your space, we have a proven track record that will guarantee the achievement of only the very best results from your great outdoors.

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