Sligo County Council and Lissadell Gets Interesting….



I had written a post under the title Sligo County Council Close Lissadell House
read it and come back if you wish……

And I have just received this email…. Sligo County Council ** Lissadell House is a client of Michaels by the way.

Mr. Donegan,
please try and get some of your facts right concerning the situation at Lissadell.

Your website dramatically announces ‘Sligo County Council close Lissadell House’.

Untrue. The Council agreed to amend the county development plan to include ‘provision’ for the “preservation of rights of way”.

This action did not change any law, but merely gave rise to due process where all interested parties could have a say.

At that point the current owners closed Lissadell House, and initiated high court proceedings _agains_t Sligo County Council.

I direct you to current reportage in yesterdays and todays Irish Times;

that is if you want facts, as opposed to the somewhat hysterical and rather creepy approach from your odd website.

I ask you to correct your website’s headline to: ‘Lissadell owners close their own holiday home despite Councils calls for mediation and compromise’.

from Michael Wann

* I have not replied to this email by the way.

UPDATE 21st january ’10

**Michael has been in touch again… and hence the ammendment to the the above notation. It is in fact noted on his website michaelwann[dot]com that in fact his art is in Sligo and Lissadell House rather than with Sligo County Council.

UPDATE 23nd January 2010

Michael I know you will be reading this….. please stop emailing me. 

10 replies
  1. Dena
    Dena says:

    “…the somewhat hysterical and rather creepy approach from your odd website.”

    How to make friends & influence people eh? Nothing quite like being enormously condescending & descending to petty name-calling to bring people around to your point of view. Way to go Michael!

  2. Suzy Byrne
    Suzy Byrne says:

    Holiday Home? Is this some sort of local sligo insult? This is an historic amenity which is a private home restored and preserved and opened for the public to view to learn from. From all accounts so far, Peter’s included, the family have been treated really badly by their local representatives and others with axe’s to grind. I doubt the owners with their extensive legal expertise would be taking the route they were if they were not forced to by the actions of those around them.

    Also in relation to the holiday home slur, I’m sure the family have paid their second residence tax fee in addition to all the other income that they have generated, wages paid, tourists attracted to the area over the years.

  3. Grandad
    Grandad says:

    Oooooh! Touchy!!

    somewhat hysterical and rather creepy approach from your odd website
    I’ll say one thing though – I wish they would visit my humble site and leave glowing praise like that. You should embed it in your header as a testimonial?

  4. Evert Bopp
    Evert Bopp says:

    Typical, the council is to “lazy” to take the initiative to restore this amenity but when someone else does it and proves that it is a viable effort the council barges in and somehow wants to benefit.

  5. Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk says:

    Nice one…I remember reading that Patrick Sarsfield (aka..Jacobite general 1690) in Sligo once took right of way through Gore’s property. Perhaps then it was his holiday retreat too.

  6. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    your second paragraph is what I first thought when I read the email.

    my second thought was your second question/ sentence. Amazing how the axes are sharpened [mainly] by those closest [geographically] to you… Good old Irish begrudgery at its finest…. ?

    thanks for the smile… as always 🙂

    very true… and but then there is always one more intelligent 😉

    people can be very cynical…

  7. Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk says:

    I agree Peter…but then reading Irish history makes one cynical I find.
    Referring to Constance Markievicz in 1916 for instance, might have been better at home in Lissadell looking after her kids!

  8. paysan
    paysan says:

    What is also interesting is that Michael says that the amendment to the County development plan was a way of allowing all “interested parties” to have a say. Wrong, its too late to have a say by the time the plan is amended. The County Council should have given notice to amend the plan first and that would give everyone a say. I’m not sure if they did that.

    And I’m with Grandad, being thought creepy is a badge of honour…

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