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This has been a really unusual week from a bird point of view first I like to start with this [part of a qoute] from I had written something myself on birds in our gardens a few days ago but I had neglected to mention the wider bird populus

It is reported that up to 50 swans have died in the canal with there heads submerged in water near the Portobello Bridge. It is likely many small birds will share the same faith due to starvation.If enough people could make a contribution of throwing out a little bread making sure its on an elevated height away from preying cats as this would save alot of lives……

In what now seems like a funny twist of fate [thanks to Suzy Byrne] the Department of Environment have given some Irish birds a stay of execution. Funny to see Bird Watch Ireland being referenced via comment in this one…. Yes folks feed your birds…. and leave some birds alone – so we can shoot the ones we want…. fair and square of course…. 🙄

The temporary closure is to protect wild ducks, geese and waders, including the woodcock, until Friday the 15th of January. It does not affect shooting for pheasant, red-legged partridge or pigeons

It is a similar [ish] but unusual story that Suzy also reported with regards to the culling of the grey squirrel over at her weblog Mamanpoulet. [Hence my double edged title ‘for the birds’] And here’s where it gets really odd….

Prizes are being awarded to gun clubs who shoot most of the alien grey squirrel according to a report in Wednesday’s Irish Times.

The funny thing is not the culling of the greys…. [I said NOT ] but the fact that the forestry department are paying the bursary. So if this was a case of protecting trees then it is very much a case of discrimination. Dont mind the trees being damaged but as long as its not those greys….? On the other hand The Greens want to close down the hunt clubs….In summary…. its ok to kill an animal as long as you are not on a horse…. and if you’re not we’ll throw you a few bob.

Anyhow back to the birds…. I did [and do] put out the bird seed but it froze over and with that the water did too. That includes the water for my hens….  So if you did put out water in the a.m. you might wanna check it twice or so per day and once again see this post for more details on food for the birds.



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  1. stiofain
    stiofain says:

    Ward Union Hunt should be closed down. On the topic of birds, I have been surprised at the mix of species that I have attracted by leaving food out, even had a Jay over the last few days. Nice thoughtful post P.

  2. Mick Nugent
    Mick Nugent says:

    I threw a lot of bread outside in my back garden yesterday. Most of it is still there-fussy fcukers

  3. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    maybe so… but you cant have one rule for one group that ‘kills/ culls’ and a different one for another…? My point is that I’m not impressed by the money saving leaderboard scheme that makes it competitive to kill/ shoot/ whatever
    Thank mate

    I know your garden very well… whilst you may not have a tree there and a very large dog – may I suggest a bird table….

    i might get you one for your birthday 😉

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