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The weather outside is absolutely freezing… it has been for some time now and today the snow fell in Ballyboughal heavy enough to concern me. With that in mind I had reckoned I should do a post on some things frost[y] related.

In what I can only describe as a sincerely very welcome press release [and I get a lot…] …it’s especially for you guys and it’s all about birds. Got an apartment, balcony, a billion acres of garden or not then read on.

As you can gather the weather is causing havoc for a lot of of our wild birds such as the sparrow, the thrush and the Goldfinch and BirdWatch Ireland [I had mentioned the Bird Watch boys previously] are on a mission to encourage people to put out food for the birds that visit their gardens. According to Oran O Sullivan [this is the press realease bit…. 😉 ]

Cooked household scraps as well as peanuts and mixed seed all provide a vital source of energy for garden birds, particularly important as daylight hours are short and frozen ground affects garden birds ability to hunt for prey items. Remember to keep feeding regularly through the winter months, putting out food in early morning. It is also important to provide fresh water as many normal water sources are frozen over.



I myself  like to buy a big bag of feed [both types] nuts and seed. The seed is so the little ‘uns get something [the bigger birds cant get their beaks through the gauze].

When I was growing up we always left out some stale bread and water milk for them… but then I have two dogs and four hens…. not really enough waste to around I guess 😉

Anyhow… it’s good fun and depending on what you put outside for them… it’s also free.

I had done this post previously on birds in my garden.

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  1. Susan at Stony River
    Susan at Stony River says:

    I’ve always left seed out for birds in winter, and our pony leaves plenty more behind. But with the snow lately, I’ve been tossing extra handfuls of seed, along with breadcrumbs, apple cores, whatever, out the kitchen window onto our patio. Now every morning there’s a crowd of birds waiting for it, and *this* morning one had the cheek to peck on the window telling me I was late. So when I tossed the seed out, I nailed him with it and he got a face full. They’re turning into more fun than our own pets inside.

    For a few years we’ve tried growing our own sunflowers, just for the extra seed in the winter, but the flowers always mildew and die — too wet perhaps? The sweetcorn doesn’t do much better, except in the polytunnel.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    Hiya Susan,

    agree totally re the fact that they are better fun than our own pets 😆 but the cheel of some birds these days pecking on your windows….

    never too sure with the sunflowers… but from old days of doing them in an old cavity block under the oil tank… as long as they are staked and in a good drafty area they should do ok… in that context I should probably change where I grow [if] my sweetcorn this year 😉

    great to hear from you as always
    happiest 2010 wishes

  3. rebecca sweet
    rebecca sweet says:

    I’m a huge bird-lover and really appreciate the fact that you’re reminding folks to help them out in unusually harsh weather like the stuff you’re having over there.

    I love the birdseed bag, too…but, am wondering about the birds depicted on the cover of it…I didn’t know canaries and parakeets were considered ‘wild birds’ in Ireland! haha!!

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