An Interview with Green Party Senator Dan Boyle

...with Dan


I’ve had my run ins with the Green Party. No secret there… [a quick search in the blog will help you there if you’re interested 😉 ]

But when I reviewed the latest Irish budget… I asked would any politician like to meet and have a chat… credit where it’s due… Dan responded and answered yes.

Before I go any further may I just thank Dan Boyle for his time. Whatever the answers to my questions [and whether you agree or not] he was the only politician in Ireland to stand up and accept….

Today I went into Leinster House and met Dan – I put the following points to him:

  • €1.7 million spend on forestry in the december budget
  • wind turbines
  • carbon credits
  • copenhagen
  • is deidre de burca going to europe ?
  • do you know Anto ?
  • how green is dan boyle ?
  • do you know the ward hunt?
  • why are they unhappy with the green party?
  • if dan boyle could change one thing in politics?
  • what does dan boyle want for Christmas?

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  1. Danny
    Danny says:

    what no question on the backward facing policy of banning research trials of GM crops?….a missed opportunity

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Chara Danny,

    on a side note it was well versed and known [albeit possibly only from an online point of view] that I was going to meet Dan. And I did ask if anyone had any Q’s they’d like me to ask.

    That said it maybe a ‘missed’ opportunity in one sense…. but personally I could give GM related issues an entire blog post, at least and in that context an entire 10 minute you tube video on that subject.
    Honestly, it really wouldnt have been fair to allow a comment – rather than a full and proper response, which is what it deserves….?
    Missed opportunity? No. Something that should be covered in a fair amount of detail. Yes.

    Give me name for which to form a balanced view/ discussion and I’ll interview both…. Feck it…. this is the interweb….


    What say you…. ? 😉
    beir bua

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