The Green Party: Paul Gogarty ‘F**k You…’

*note to the reader:

first may I apologise for this post in advance for the use of expletives [within this post]. It has zero to with ratings or views etc. A quick google search will show others better versed in the Irish political circuit and also a quick read through the blog will show that this simply is not my style. Secondly there are very few mentions of expletives within this weblog at all and generally speaking I try to keep it that way. However, when the Green Party first started out the issues were ‘all green’ and with that in mind [and that aside] I try to give as broad a coverage as possible to that that is considered green. Some I like. Some I don’t. But an open weblog nonetheless is what I have always attempted to give. May I also suggest a read of this post ‘why I bother with a blog‘.


UPDATE: 15 December ’09

It turns out Paul Gogarty really is just another gobshite politician who confuses his personal political quest with the job he is €100,000 over paid to do. *make sure and read the comments especially the one Paul leaves. What is actually green about this Green Party?




And so it seems The Green Party are at it [yet] again…. This time Paul Gogarty lets one rip on Emmet Stagg.

I think it had something to do with the budget….

May I first add – that this is the very first time that ‘foul’ language has been allowed on this weblog.

I think you’ll agree it is the kind of material that an exception should really be made for.

More information and links as they come in below. enjoy 😆

and just when you think it can’t get any better:

Pure genius! RT @Danphoenixfm: RT @NiallOK: RT @suzybie: The Gogarty RingTone #gogartygate

and of course there had to be a facebook group:

RT @ElaineEdwards There’s already a Paul ‘Sweary’ Gogarty Facebook page (thanks @AllanCavanagh):

Also noted over at Irish Election

And now courtesy of @jkeyes we have

Paul Gogarty apologises – courtesy The Irish Times

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