reheated coffee causes cancer….?!!



Firstly this is relevant to the business. We all have an office. We all need good coffee. Second Mrs D does help out where she can and this was one where she was trying to. On Sunday I went to get a new coffee maker in another electrical store, because, a few days before…

Thursday 17th September 2009 ‘herself’ went to D.I.D. electrical store in Airside retail park to buy a new coffee machine for the office. I had returned my most recent purchase because it kept leaking. ‘Her indoors’ decided it was a task she wished to complete and so she went in.

What happened next is nothing short of the most amazing…

sales: can I help you….

mrs D: yes I’m looking for a coffee machine

sales: have you seen the nespresso range… ?

mrs D: i was looking for with that would make a big pot of coffee to be honest…

sales: well this range actually stays fresher longer and the one in the coffee pot if you keep reheating… I don’t want to scare you but that gives you cancer

mrs D: [funny look given]

sales: no… its true

mrs D: well its not for me its for a regular real coffee drinker

sales: well tell him to come in and i’ll make him the best cup of coffee he’s ever had. I bought one of these [nespresso machines] for my girlfriend and she loves it… but, I dont actually drink coffee myself.

I’m still baffled….

coffee-machine service-doors alice-cooper

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  1. McAWilliams
    McAWilliams says:

    See that one in the first of the 3 images u have, we have that! have had it for years and its a great machine, also what does not give you cancer these days huh????

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A Cara John,

    a good machine by all accounts. My one just happened to leak everywhere.

    That said – not exactly the most ethical sales pitch I have ever heard… disappointed to be quite frank.

    slán go foill

  3. Will Knott
    Will Knott says:

    Its from an old Swedish survey.

    And while its true, the Swedes seem to brew really really string coffee and leave it brewing for 5 to 8 hours.

    For the record, I find that the coffee left brewing fro four or more hours gets a natural creamy texture, or it reacts differently to the milk.

    However I doubt you’ll leave the coffee brewing that long.

    I assume that you are after a “drip” style coffee maker, right?

  4. Susan at Stony River
    Susan at Stony River says:

    Well, that’s a new sales tactic. “The one you want gives you oooh, cancer, so buy this one instead.” I guess it’s hard to be a salesman of luxury products in a recession? There are also studies that prove plastic off-gassing causes cancer. Lots of things do.

    My sister died of lung cancer after forty years of smoking cigarettes, and someone in the family immediately warned me of the danger of shampoo; made me swear to use only organic, whatever-free shampoo because “look what happened to your sister”. Oh so it was the shampoooooooo….. Everything gives you cancer now anyways. Modern lifestyles aren’t healthy generally.

    I hope you get a coffeemaker you like, that lasts!

  5. Will Knott
    Will Knott says:

    I think its a constant all day brew. I remember reading it and going “oooh” then “why the heck would anyone leave coffee brewing all day, doesn’t it go ‘off’ after an hour or two”.

    Then I discovered the canteen and the occasional overnight brew.

    Sort of barely online. Only really get to start around 1am, and I’m not awake to blog after relational (as opposed to work, the attempts to route around it causes more stress) stress.

    And as the other have said, it seems everything causes cancer nowadays.

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