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Over at Simply Zesty – I recently became a guinea pig… 😉

Niall and I were chatting yesterday over how I marketed loved writing my blog for the pure [horticultural/ green] fun of it and the mystique that quickly arose as to why I would bother at all when it may never make you money.

For me, I explained to Niall that it was never about the money – so I was always on a winner as long as I enjoyed what I was doing… 🙂 This I explained [I believe] quite well in this post: why bother with a blog.

But the question Niall and his team have raised is slightly aside of that and very much so worth a read – especially if you are in the horticultural industry.

Gotta love his closing line 😆

By the way – do go to the statistics on the poll. The results I think ou ma find are quite surprising…. if you are a little more of the green field type. Thanks Niall

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Would You Become A Fan Of A Business On Facebook?

Posted on September 16th, 2009 by Niall Harbison in Social Media
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If one more person sends me a message asking to become a fan of their page on Facebook so as they can get to the 100 fan mark (so as they can clain their vanity business URL) I am literally going to have to pull what hair I have left out.

Last night I had a chat with Peter who is a landscape gardener and John a photo blogger. Myself and John came to the conclusion that we would never become a fan of a landscaping company even if it did belong to a friend and that the whole fan page thing for small business was a little flawed.

Facebook fan pages on the whole are a really great way of showing off content but I do have a couple of small issues with them that small businesses especially should be wary off…

1.Does anybody really care about your small business on Facebook?

Using the example of Peter’s Landscape gardening page is there any value in him acquiring fans? Even if he produces the best content ever are people actually going to care enough to interact with it? Is he going to get business out of it? Direct sales? I’ll be totally honest here and I like Peter as a guy and follow him on Facebook and twitter but I have no interest in seeing anything about landscape gardening in my personal stream, I’m just not into it, I live in a flat. This is the problem…who wants to become a fan of a chemist, flower shop or accountants? If they made great content like videos and photos maybe but chances are the won’t. I won’t say don’t do it but I will say don’t do it just for the sake of sending out links to your friends through the page.

2.Is it really a good idea to pay for ads on one part of Facebook to send people to another part?

So just think about this for a second….Lots of people are currently paying Facebook a handsome daily sum to send Facebook users from one part of Facebook to their shiny fan page!!! Now the big winner here is Facebook! There is no doubting the power of fans and a fair price can always be put on their acquisition as they add value and can interact with your content but are fans really going to help a small business? My feeling is that they are perfect for a big brand who have the marketing budget but I would question this sort of tactic for acquiring fans for a small business.

I think Facebook fan pages are a super tool and advise most clients to get one but just make sure you can give them the time they deserve and please don’t come asking me to become a fan to get to 100 fans only to abandon the page and never update it again :)

Our Facebook fan page with lots of cool content is here, become a fan

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2 replies
  1. donna m
    donna m says:

    i did just that. made a fan page only to abandon it a few weeks later. i find personally, that facebook is a terrible place to do business. doesnt work. the people that i know on facebook dont use it as a business platform they use it to keep up with their wives and children while they are on tour, or as a place to blow off steam and play – i’d dump my facebook account but i have people there that i cant connect to at any other platform unfortunately

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    @donna m

    very well summised… if being really honest. Not really a place for ‘doing’ business although maybe a place to be seen. Personally I find I click the be a fan button…. but then forget all about it…

    But then like Niall suggests… and/ or is it just vanity 😉

    enjoyed that comment
    beir bua

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