Velvet Strand, Portmarnock Beach, Dublin

When it’s right on our doorstep… they say you rarely use it. Personally, I always loved the beach.



I hated it as a child. I had to get in. People would be in duffle coats and I’d be in my pants freezing, eating salad covered in sand 😉 Oh happy days! Great memories 😆 But when I was a teen my family moved there and the strand took a whole new meaning.

It was more than a getaway for me in the teen sense of it. Because I love[d] nature so much… this had everything. It was I suppose the ultimate in escapism. I had no mobile phone then….. Last week, a meeting was delayed…. an hour to spare. I took my flask of coffee and went for a wander. I loved every second of it.

A few points of note if you are going. Make sure and park in the municiple car park [next to the country club hotel]. Cars parked on the main road have a habit of getting parking tickets. Also I read in the Portmarnock local newsletter that they had done some work on the dunes and grasslands around to attract bees so be mindful of that. Aparently the efforts have been quite successful and numbers appear to have increased. Make sure and see the Southern Cross Monument called Eccentric Orbit. The two islands are Lambay and Irelands eye and a walk up by The old Martello Tower [which goes all the way to Malahide] is also quite nice.

Also do take your time…. and enjoy 😉

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  1. donnam13
    donnam13 says:

    Even on my tiny bb screen these pics are glorious. Funny how some childhood memories can stunt our enjoyment of some things until we rediscover them

  2. Dublins98Dave
    Dublins98Dave says:

    Lovely piece Peter. Living a few moments from this strand is part of what makes me so happy. I too grew up here and spent all of my teens hanging out in the shelter on the beach. Our gang was called the Shelties, as a result. We once, with permission, spray-painted the entire inside of the shelter with planets, solar systems and stars. Great days.

    Today, I walk my dog with my (now pregnant) wife on the same sand I walked as a child and a teenager.

    Today, it remains, as it always has been for me, home.

  3. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    how true…. ‘i don’t wanna get in’ was the usual reply…. to me then getting in the sea crying 😆 like a big 6 year old baby!!

    how aptly put my man. funny how it never leaves you. still love walking it…. unfortunately not as often… I remember sitting there once, just off college. A wife who was ‘supposed’ to have given up the ciggies ages ago came down for a final puff – and then handed me 19 :)) that evening i could then afford to walk to gibneys *and* have 3 pints 😆

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