a recycled show garden…

Remember this post about the smithfield festival….?

Here’s what they said:
In association with the [myplant.ie] rediscovery centre ballymun and waste management, dublin city council, award winning landscape designer peter donegan returns to smithfield aiming to create a small urban garden of sorts filled with nothing but what could have been thrown out and free to take including washing machines, cookers, satellite dishes and basically anything else he can lay his hands on! from landfills and repairs to greens and growing and from throw away useless to a simple bit of that’ll do just fine.

Here’s what happens in one day. In Dublin City Centre. When one has one day to put a show garden together…..

The beauty about this garden is that the plants will be split 3 ways and donated to 2 local community garden groups in smithfield and also in ballymun. Thanks once again to Pat Fitzgerald, all of the other electrical goods will return and again be recycled and the recycled furniture will return to Ballymun to be sold

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  1. Pat FitzGerald
    Pat FitzGerald says:

    Well done on what you did with our plants Peter, it all came together fantastic and you blendeed the colours perfectly. Amazing how the green Carex sets everything off so well. Well done on a great job.


  2. Maeve
    Maeve says:

    WOW! I never knew a garden could look so great with recycled ….waste!! Well done Peter and also to Pat – great plants @myplant.ie!

  3. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    being very honest pat…. i should really say a huge thanks to you 🙂 it is amazing and brilliant that the garden will have so many stories to come after this. all thanks to your genorosity, 3 community gardens will benefit from this! gentleman. genius. bulaidh bós 😉

    suggests pat [& myplant.ie] take a bow.
    thank you so much 😉

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