rediscover [y] ing ballymun….

when one thinks of a town in North Dublin called Ballymun, it’s maybe not so usual that ‘recycling’ would be the associated word that would first come to mind. Surpringly, possibly – it should be.

As I walked around it was amazing to see the old Ballymn versus the new. The contrast, infallable. The new architecture genius, but different. even the little areas outside the new houses, the attention to the little things, the bin covers, the plaques at the base of the street trees, their involvement in the tidy towns competition…. I’m so happy I took the time to walk around. It was an honour.

I had gone there initially for very different reasons.I had heard about a recycling gig that was going on. I got a contact number, from a contact. I had heard about the rediscovery centre….?  I’d heard it was the greenest of them all…..  I wanted to find out more…

I went there to meet Dr Sarah Miller to find out just how green the rediscovery centre in Ballymun was. What I expected being quite honest was maybe another government scheme that because a bag of cash had been thrown at an issue, it would ensure no eyes raised in the minutes of state meetings…..

What I got and what I saw was inspiring, brilliant and quite honestly a little touch of genius. Isn’t it amazing what happens when the person at the top of the classroom gives eqaul effort from the both heart and brain.

and just in case….. remeber Sarah talking about the fashion gig that they do…? Here’s the short film that aired at Electric Picnic in 2008 showing the results of their first fashion show…. Prepare to be blown away!

If you are looking to find out more or just wish to say you like what it is they do… 😉

email: info [at] rediscoverycentre [dot] ie

The Rediscovery Centre,
c/o Ballymun Regeneration Ltd.,
Civic Centre,
Main St,

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  1. Gordon Murray
    Gordon Murray says:

    Thats an incredibly smart idea, especially the first part about the old paint.

    I have plenty of half used paint cans in my attic that could be very handy to someone, brushes an rollers too.

    Theres some plaster and a toilet bowl too I think if thats of any use to anyone.

    I coul fill up the boot next time Im driving to Dublin.

  2. Philip
    Philip says:

    This is marvellous, very modern and currently relevant. Well done to Sarah. This is reverse logistics at a human scale. We need more of it!

  3. Bngr
    Bngr says:

    Meant to say, the plaques at the base of the street trees are actually part of an art project from a few years back where you could buy a tree and meet with the artist to come up with a dedication to go with it and they’re put up all over Ballymun and will be linked in a map in the plaza when it’s finished. The artist was putting together a book on it but I can’t remember what it’s called now.

  4. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    110% agree. gets people thinking #1. more of this sort of thing….? you really shouldn’t have to drive to dublin….?

    great to know there’s a [real] human element to some of my rants… 😉 and thanks for coming back 🙂 maybe someone from the ballymun recycle project may know the answer……?

    damn right. very well done to sarah. more of this sort of thing 😉

    i’ll be keeping my eye on you for future comments 😆

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