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an odd year it most definitely has been…. for many reasons. But no matter what way I look at life…. sometimes do I get a little down, not for long… [yes, even I do…] there is so much going on that makes me wonder, even for that split second…. why I, singular, have the right to moan.

I have got charity stuff that I’ll  need a miracle for…. But even for the photo of me looking like a muppet over €300 was raised. Thats gotta make you smile 😆

Anyhow… enough about me. Rick has a gig.

I’ve booked my ticket. €33.posted please. Funny thing. The ticket asked would I like a message printed on it. Damn right I do. I asked could mine say ‘I like hugging trees’ on it. It’s my ticket 😉

Anyhow. Thats not bad value if a landscaping tree hugger ever thought he could mix it with the who’s who [?] of Krystle Night Club and all that bling bling…. and there’s me with a tree in my pocket incase I get lonely on the bus on the way home 😯

book it here

Here’s what Rick says about the gig:

Finally the Brainwave Horse Show Hustle event for charity has a line-up for the night.

Thanks a million to the glorious Mr Kitt for agreeing to play – he’ll have a 5 piece band and will be doing his own stuff and covers for us on the night :-)

You can get your ticket here:

Thank you!!!! All blog mentions and RTs gratefully recieved…

Event: Brainwave presents
The Horse Show Hustle
Venue: Krystle Nightclub, Dublin
Date and time: Fri 07 Aug 2009 21:00
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