quinncentennial park, galway

quinncentennial park galway


Did you ever want to give a County Council, in this case a parks department, whose wages I and you pay – a good kick up the bottom ?

Two parks in two days in Galway is what I set out to do. That’s what I did.

The other was Claude Toft Park. It shouldn’t really matter what two parks I chose to visit – in my honest opinion this parks department needs a radical reality check. If I maintained that park? It wouldn’t be in that state. Or…… I could be out of a job. The options ‘they’ should be given.

Before ‘anyone’ suggests the economic-hulabuloo ? The evidence, horticulturally, is that this neglect has been evident and growing worse for a long [in years] time. Secondly, I personally go to a park so I don’t have to hear about that sort of stuff.

I paid hard earned money to travel to Galway. I spent money when in Galway. If I was a tourist travelling from abroad – I would not return. And with tourism already down 20% – I am beginning to understand why that might be.

To the park – Whilst the outlay remembles a little bit more of what I would consider ‘a park’, once again – zero available information on the internet regarding this place also.

I wasn’t impressed. At first, my mood lightened when I saw a rock noting that it was ‘developed for the benefit of Galways senior citizens by Digital Equipment International B.V. 1984’. I then looked around. Not impressed. My spirits were lifted again when I came across the central water feature and a Mom with kids and dog playing there [the only people apart from me]. I saw a wee bridge. I then saw the now defunct water feature…What?!! Back to brutal.

I’m guessing in 1984 this park was an absolute stunner and the gesture by the company [I assume], in a 1984 Ireland, Saint-like. As an overview the layout is good and the road less travelled pathways and secluded seating places make it a nice place to spend time, possibly, I’m sure. But as of now the park needs attention. Urgently.

Once again – my second park in two days. And of all of the parks I have ever visited. These have to be two of the worst. These are peoples parks. NOT The County Councils.

Shame on you Galway City Coucil Parks Department. The same Galway City Council that wish to plough a road through Terrylands Peoples Forest?  And by the way, it’s the peoples forest.

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    These county councils seem economically illiterate and incapable of adopting an integrated way of managing the environment. I think that all they see is a dirt patch to be sold to a developer so they can go back to sleep – not realising as pointed out – that these are a marvellous opportunity for upselling and cross selling a city – not to mention the community amenity as public/tourist amenity. Galway without parks is just a another bog town with pubs that played to a once Multinational Company enriched young and educated audience.

    How can the engineers and planners working for that council be proud?? They are a shame to their professions.

    On the name…is this some way of plugging some local’s name. The Irish is perfect. But “Quinn”centennial???? It should be “quin”centennial (anyone know better?)
    quin – cen – ten – ni -al  /ˌkwɪnsɛnˈtɛniəl/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kwin-sen-ten-ee-uhl] adjective pertaining to or marking a period of 500 years

    Time to give up???

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