10 [more] even green-er bits and bobs….

Haven’t done this in a bit…. so here goes my 10…. ish bits and bobs

  • can’t remember who sent me this… sorry. Thanks to popjam anywho…



  • Back to Ireland….. Bernie [in Cork btw] did a live stream to let me know how he was getting on with his garden….. how to use technology to your advantage? absolutely! now you know what I do in my spare time 😉 And Bernie is a legend!
  • the fingal vintage society does its annual show. All the cars, the barn dance, the car & tractor run and lots of green stuff – great weekend for the family. ********** update: this has been cancelled due to bad weather. 🙁
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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    Let’s face it, maybe this whole thing about being green is clutching at straws. I think the only mammal that outnumbers us and is under no threat of extinction by us are our dear cuddly friends – the rats.

    This is where’s it’s headed.

    Suck in an get used to it lads & ladies. Blogging/Twittering now is but a prosthetic for social interaction. Soon enough you’ll be chipped and downloaded. Our notion of extinction will vanish as we digitise life’s gene pool ready to be replicated at our electronic beckoning. Watering and Pollenation will be seen as but an attribute of a quaint bygone era where biology was but a crude implementation of nanotech. We just improved it.

    We are borg…resistance is futile 🙂

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