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murrion… technology for a gardener #10

murrion software
murrion software

The entire list of companies for ‘technology for a gardener’ is/will be here.

This is piece #10. This is Murrion Software.

I’ve met Gordon Murray on numerous occasions. Nice guy. A very smart guy. I like the fella. Gordon was as you may remember one of guys involved in a previously reviewed company called eWrite.

Based in Cork, Gordon took a massive leap and decided to venture out on his own. Maybe that’s youth 😉 but it is also someone with belief in that what it is they do is good enough to earn a living.

Like the logo? – read the story here. Designed at the closest to free gratis possible [via Twitter] by Gary McGinty from Ion Ltd. I think it’s brilliant…. and incredibly smart… you should – the coverage the both of these guys have got… for being nice people…. would make you wonder why people aren’t nice all the time 🙂

i like this....
i like this....

I asked Gordon what Murrion Software does – and I got an answer. However, because of my horticultural qualifications I could never recite this back 😉 In summary [in my words] if one wanted a ‘specific’ programme tailor made for a specific task – you that kind of ‘wouldn’t it be great if we had a thing that could do that…’ kind of a way… [?] This is where you call Gordon. He is the Houdini of all things with a three pin plug.

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Go check out Murrion. Have a browse maybe just say hi and wish him all the best. Gordon is also on twitter here.

i'm the one on the right by the way... !
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