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what you got.... ?

I was looking recently for information on irish products that were to do with the barbeque. I was extremely disappointed. I could find nothing Irish, online. If I can’t find ’em – I guess no-one else can.

On the flip side – I often get e-mailed, [more spammed] by people looking for links to their products. Damiens general & logic guide on ‘fluffys’ kind of apply here.

Is your product is amazing:

and if you would like notoriety here *and* if it is of interest I can give it a mention or even an entire post. Here’s my suggestion[s]:

  • You can send me a sample – I can fiddle around with it and develop my own opinion and review it. I can/ will not review something I have not used.
  • You can send me a link and I can then decide whether or not to give it a mention.
  • You can offer free products/ tickets to the readers of the weblog, where it may then also be reviewed.

my preference is the following:

  • It is preferably irish made  or/ &  designed or/ & invented.
  • you are NOT an agent/ reseller of it.
  • It can be an event, a book or a service – it really just needs to be interesting
  • it should be greeny/ outdoors/ horticulture related – try me 😉

All of my reviews to date are linked to Loudervoice – click and take a look. That doesn’t include general links to bits and bobs I find interesting.

*please note – I do this weblog in my spare time – hence this post.

How to contact me:

this courtesy of Stephen…. see how easy it all works 😉

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  1. Conor O'Neill
    Conor O'Neill says:

    Thanks for the mention Peter, great idea! However, I’d be very careful around the idea of “paid”. There is nothing wrong with businesses offering review samples since that’s how the mainstream media get items to review. But anything that involves a permanent exchange of cash/product for a mention could cause you a lot of problems. I don’t think that’s what you are saying above but some might misconstrue it as such.

    If any of those businesses whose products you will be reviewing have web-sites and want authentic reviews of their products to appear there too, they should contact me (conor AT loudervoice DOT com). Our new widget takes only a few minutes to add to a site.

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