what should I do with this….?

NOTE: this offer closes tonight Wednesday 17th February 2010



remember this… see here for more images and information on no rubber soul

I was talking with John last week – that would be John Friel, the brains behind turning some of my ‘other’ idea[s] into reality – this one he was most famed for.

Turns out, after being in storage for two years [this year] John needed to make a bit of space for ‘another’ car he wishes to add to his collection… 😯

Now I have a little dilemma…. what should I do with this…?

Of course the last time I needed a home for a garden feature I had Rick… and we were most successful…  a great home was found?!

I even have the television to go with it although its not included in the free car offer 😉

peter donegan morris minorpeter donegan morris minorpeter donegan morris minor

Any suggestions? Would you like it….?

I’m on mobile: [vodafone prefix] plus 6594688

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  1. Alain
    Alain says:

    By the looks of things the panels and chrome seem to be in reasonable condition, if you cant find a home for it then it could be stripped for parts which could go to keep a real morris alive.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    A chara alain,
    to manicure a garden feature is a very noble trait. To manicure a motorised vehicles shell may well be considered criminal 😉

    there are two videos for the Morris minor car garden. This video [click here] shows what it used to be… An old chicken coup btw! John did a great job but as he explained.. A magician he is not. It does look great all the same:))
    slán go foill

  3. Susan at Stony River
    Susan at Stony River says:

    I’m so IN LOVE with that little thing! My father used to restore antique cars and I caught the bug from him — so am not at all surprised it’s making room for more. But if all goes well we’ll be emigrating this summer, so can’t offer a home.
    (Know anyone who wants a 2-acre homestead btw? LOL)

  4. Aido
    Aido says:

    I would find a great home for it. And if anyone is in their right mind then they should be thinking of dropping it into their gardens especially if are they are the types that like to keep with up the Jones.

    Imagine the neighbour… “George, have you seen what they have next door I want one”… poor George 😉

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