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seamus enns...

seamus ennis...

you might be wondering why the Seamús Ennis centre is in a gardening  article?

Apart from is being an amazing place… It is the tree support in the background of this photograph that it is here.

Rather than chop the arms off a fine and well represented  tree in the beautiful village of the Naul… someone, I assume Fingal County Council decided to come up with the logic of giving it a helping hand.

I thought it a great idea and more than deserved of a mention. I haven’t seen a tree ‘staff’/ support used since I was 22/23 years old and over the grounds of Dublin City University… [10 years ago now…].

The building is beautiful with it thatched roof and honestly, cutting off the limb of this tree would enhance the structure less than more… If you are out for a Sunday cycle why not drop by, take a look and let me know what you think? enjoy 🙂

tree-supports seamus ennis centre naultree-support-street-planting seamus ennis centretree-supports-street naul co.dublin

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