Father Collins Park

Fr Collins Park


I was talking to a friend of mine, Aidan, gate meister extraordinaire and part time garden enthusiast…. he was telling me about this [now] park that used to be a field where he and his Father used to hunt when he was younger…

Peter, you just got to go & see this park… it is out of this world

I knew the field. I said I would. I did.

To describe this park in a few words is impossible. To describe it on video would be unfair. This is without a doubt possibly the finest ‘new’ park I have ever seen in my life.

Named after Father [Fr] Joseph Collins who was the hardest working and first parish priest of the Donaghmede area the 52 acre park took about 1.5 years to build.

It is young. In fact it is still unfinished in parts. But it is pure genius at its absolute finest. I like the fact that no soil was removed to build the huge water area left the site… instead it was banked. I love that the old surrounding woodlands were kept in tact and replenished with younger native trees. Even better is the 5 wind turbines that power every single element required for the park to operate. Something more?? The wetland areas in the park are the filtration systems for the parks water and the lake and the wetlands are the drainage system for the football pitches!

From a tree planting point of view… it has a bit to go, but for the most part the maturest and finest specimens were used. It is a park I will very much look forward to seeing mature over the years. From a plant point… it’s been kept simple. Planting is en mass. But planting has been considered very wisely and logically.

Could I pick a fault? No. Not one. As I said it is a young park. In fact it only opened a few months ago. It is evolving. Still. It is still getting over the usual teething problems – but – I wouldn’t let that get in my way.

Jogger, skateboarder, walker, footballer, family, cyclist or tree hugger… you name it –  all catered for here. Even where I live in Bally-go-pothole I am so envious of the people who live within walking distance of this awe inpiring gem. It was raining when I was there and not even that could put me off wanting to take my time.

I think Joseph Collins is smiling [a big one at that] knowing what was built in his name. Brilliant. Pure Genius. Love it 🙂

Go take a look.

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  1. Grannymar
    Grannymar says:

    That looks interesting. Is it off the N32? I cannot place it. My head wants to pull me towards the Balgriffin direction because my memory tells me all the rest is built on.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    thats the one – i could not find a website to link to with directions but –
    a] bottom of the m50 and straight on towards the Darndale/ Hilton [airport] hotel. straight thru’ the clare hall roundabout to the next roundabout and turn left. It’s just after the GAA club house.


    from campions pub [the front door at your back] – straight on past the ‘new’ cemetry and take the first right – it’s on the left hand side

    so well worth a trip – let me know how you get on if/ when you do

  3. Sean Keogh
    Sean Keogh says:


    This park is right on my doorstep and I and all my neighbours love it (we deserve to seeing as how we paid for it through development levies on our homes!). Stumbled upon this blog when searching on the park. Great to hear you speaking so enthusiastically about the park. I hope you will return again to enjoy.

  4. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:


    you are absolutely right my friend – you do deserve the park!! I’m proud just to know where it is and to have been there – jees I am so envious !!

    I love when people are really happy about what they have on their doorsteps 🙂 genuinely over the moon with this comment.

    cheers Séan

  5. john malone
    john malone says:

    I think this is a super park. Hopefully the contractors will sort out the drainage problems and have it ready for the summer.

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