paeonia [peony rose]



I love the peony roses. They were one of my Grandmothers favourites. But they came with so many ‘how and what not’ fables attached it’s infallable…. When my Nan passed away my Mam brought one of these from her garden and planted it in ours. It ‘died off’ shortly after she planted it… but came back up the following season.

I always thought of them as a bit of an old fuddy duddy. They are. And the fable that they hate being disturbed or moved *is* 100% correct. If you can and must, it’s probably best to do so over winter while they are sleeping.

Funny thing, I prefer these to the more common rose. But then again… these aren’t biblically/ botanically roses at all 😉

The paeoniaceae are a genus of over 30 species and they are herbaceous perennials truth be told. ie. they die back but come up year after year… Other than that, the only main thing of note is *if* you do manage to eat some of them [?!!] they will give you a bit of a dickie tummy! The real beauty about these plants is that they can be lifted and divided and passed onto the neighbours…. and what a gift to give!

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    Another nice thing is (the ones I know) they have no thorns and do not seem to get as plagued with aphids. Would love to know the range of colours you can get and if there are scented varieties.

  2. Martina
    Martina says:

    I planted a yellow peony rose over 2 years ago (don’t know the name of it), but it hasn’t flowered yet. It’s positioned in a bright part of the garden. Presently it resembles a huge evergreen bush. Do peonies take a few yrs to establish?

  3. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:

    A Chara Martina,
    as I said above, the peonies are, in my opinion such a contrary bunch of plants…. and bearing in mind I have not seen yours or where it is planted… my only advice ever is make sure the preparations are done correctly [ie. the planting of] and then let nayure take its course.

    To answer your question… [ 😉 ] in short, they can take a few years to establish and without taking the horticulural sheen off it – it more often depends on how the plant feels, if that make sense.

    best for now

  4. colette
    colette says:

    Don’t know why i have no flowers on my peony this year. Lots of new healthy growth but no flowers. What should i do?
    Many thanks

  5. peter donegan
    peter donegan says:


    it’s been a tough few seasons for plants and no better one to show those signs than the peony. without picture to go by its quite difficult to give full and proper advice. First thing I look at is the foliage and so long as that is healthy then the crux of the plant should be generally speaking fine.

    A little fertiliser [spoon of sugar, so to speak] for eg a 3 month slow release fertiliser may be of no harm at all.

    keep me posted and best with it

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