how to look green…. doing very little

***the video works, the screen just appears funny – press play & enjoy 😉

I was sitting in my back garden having coffee with Thomas from Irish Allotments

I had been showing him the video that Dave from 98fm did for me. Dave and I got talking last week and I was asking how does one make these cheesy video’s 😉

With Tom at the helm, I took out the N95 [yes a telephone 😉 ] and we gave it a whirl….

The garden advice is very solid and quite logic…. that said, talk about having fun in the garden. 😆 sound advice all the same !

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  1. Sue | Office Furniture
    Sue | Office Furniture says:

    I loved the video, and what he was saying make sense, I like they way he let the grass grow longer around the edges, make sense add a bit of wild life attracts the insects and other little creatures needed in a garden. It gives ones garden a bit of character. 🙂

  2. Philip
    Philip says:

    Very very good. You make an excellent point about letting grass grow wild. Indeed, could grass be deliberately set up so it remains nettleless and Briarless.

    Also, could we have a briar ball (2 x 2 M) specially accessible from all sides so you have reliable access to black berries…better than risking life and limb falling into a ditch.

  3. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    the ‘he’ is me 😉 but it does add a lot of charachter.. kinda relaxing to be very honest… plus it makes me smile 😆

    it could be set up so… but I would suggest ornamental grasses for that mabe the carex buchanii for example which although brown does have a better effect…. that said not biblically ‘wild’ so to speak.

    regarding your other request. No 🙄 ….but I would like one 😆

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