they think it’s all over…. bloom ’08

remember the pink boat travelling across the M50 [click here] the video that was made by genius Colin from Irish Video’s…..

You would have thought that was the end of of it… yesterday evening I arrive home and check the emailage…. this video was in there…

Have a look and let me know what you think….

Personally, I think Colin [and his team at Irish Video] is a genius. And as I have had the pleasure of having coffee with him…. a really nice guy. Thanks Colin 😉 Talk about tears in my eyes…. this was a toughie to watch… I think it shows. This would have been recorded at 5 – 6 pm approx on the final day, the Monday evening….


i should have mentioned that Colin did both of the video’s a favour to another friend and I had never met him before this…. that inculded a 4pm – 1am record of the boat loading…. a 3am-8am depart & delivery to the park and**** arriving in on the final day to do this little interview….. That is pure genius 😉

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  1. Philip
    Philip says:

    PINK lighthouse next. Whoever drove that boat so far inland needs to understand what lighthouses are for.

  2. Peter Donegan MI Hort
    Peter Donegan MI Hort says:

    thank mate really appreciate that

    thank you so very much…. brighter than you think 😆

    *taps fingers on desk [in a sort of dum de dum fashion]* ….. realises I have become extremely concerned about your sense of humour 🙄

    [re 2nd comment] genuinely… extremely concerned 😯

    an enchanting lady is what you are my dear… thank you so very much.
    And so true regarding Colin…. he is [if I may reiterate] an absolute genius 😉

  3. Donna @ Rent a Desk
    Donna @ Rent a Desk says:

    Wow, now that is getting someones attention, its funny more and more people are actually using that vibrant pink, for a lot of advertising,its amazing how that color grabs the attention of a lot of people.

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